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we celebrate the unique learning path of each child

Our knowledgable and experienced teachers create a learning environment where children feel respected and safe. Children are encouraged to explore new materials and experiences based on their physical needs, social/emotional development, cognition, interests and creativity.


We don't align ourselves with one particular methodology, but instead blend effective, up-to-date approaches to early childhood education. Our goal is to reach all learners by considering each child’s abilities, learning style, and developmental stage and providing motivating, hands-on, child-led opportunities.

Children help guide their own learning by providing input, working together, making choices and developing into self-directed, independent individuals. We establish a positive, productive and joyful environment using positive behavior techniques.


At Pinwheels, we value diversity and feel it's important that each child and family’s unique backgrounds are welcomed and celebrated. As a small, tightly knit community of families, children, and teachers, we value all of our members and together, we strive to maximize every child's potential.

our values



The most important thing young children can do is play! Play builds communication and motor skills, and facilitates social-emotional growth. We provide a variety of materials, environments, and activities for enriching play time. 



Playful learning develops our children's creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. We guide our students to discoveries that grow their minds and spark a love of learning.  



We believe in the power of kindess. We foster an enviornment where children learn to engage respectfully with each other, their teachers, and their families. We nurture their nascent understanding of how their actions effect others. 

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